Mittwoch, 25. April 2012


Like nicely animated short movies in film noir style? Then don't skip this one:

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Elsiane - Mechanics of Emotion

Wow, what a great new album the duo Elsiane put out there just a few days ago -- if you like Morcheeba or some of the Archive albums you definitely should give this a try:

Over at you can listen the album for free and download the thing for a few bucks.

Freitag, 13. April 2012

ZeroBin - a client-side encrypted pastebin alternative

If you're interested in running your own pastebin clone but don't want to let the server store the pasted text/code/whatever unencrypted you should give ZeroBin a try: It's a slick alternative to pastebin which uses modern browsers and JavaScript to encrypt the pasted content on the client before the data gets sent and stored on the server. To let someone else decrypt and view the content there's the decryption key built-in to the actual ZeroBin URL. Oh, did I mention it's also Open Source? Here you have it.

Try the demo here, more information can be retrieved on the actual project page here.

Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

x86 Assembly Primer for C Programmers

Some days earlier I stumbled upon a nice project from Ivan Sergeev which is sort of an open book about x86 Assembly for those who already program in C (or C++) to extend your skillz being a system programming ninja. Oh, and using Linux or at least a working GCC toolchain is an advantage here. And be warned though: This isn't an "x86 Assembly for Dummies"; a steep learning curve guaranteed.

As far as I know the whole thing only is available in PDF format over at his github hive. You can download it directly using this link. Be sure to check back for updates (or getting the provided examples).

Thanks Ivan, for this wonderful resource! Keep up the good work!

Dyzz & Rebus – Studio Mix

Oh, and while I'm at it: Here's another deep'n dirty dubstep Mix -- keep it locked:

Gramatik - #digitalfreedom

A fine dubstep / trip hop set from Gramatik:

Stop ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and all that shit, really. Enjoy!