Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Wordpress without database / MySQL - The definitive guide

Woah, what a title -- "definitive guide". Sounds like a 800-page book with years of experience. Actually, this isn't the case here.

I'm a pretty newbie regarding Wordpress and just wanted to install this wonderful piece of software on a kind of limited webspace (that is, MySQL is a no-no).

So what do we need to setup Wordpress not using MySQL? Right, we need SQLite. This keep the entire database into a single file and does not need a MySQL server running on your hosted environment.

This is the recipe:

Download Wordpress itself:
Download the PDO plugin for Wordpress:

To set Wordpress up and running with SQLite (actually there PDO plugin) there are a few things to note which other people already figured out.

So go to in order to get the basic stuff done on your fancy web space.

But wait: You did encounter some errors when starting the actual installation process, even when closely following the nice blog post above, did you?

To keep things short:

- Go to and patch the file according to the article.
- Make sure you enabled write access (group, others, 666 in octal) for the files "wp-admin/includes/schema.php" and "wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php".

In case you got another permission errors or errors about "put_contents" you need to make sure read/write/execute permissions are set correctly.

Tested with Wordpress 3.2.1 and PDO (SQLite) Plugin 2.7.0.

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Aaron Jay – Essential Liquid Beats Volume 1

Just the right music while debugging some stuff in the evening. A very nice and skillful 2 hour set of funky DnB:

Aaron Jay Presents 'Essential Liquid Beats Volume 1' by DJ Aaron Jay

Montag, 7. November 2011

Tired of Google Reader's new design? Try this!

For those of you who are using Google Reader (a web-based RSS-reader with synchronization for your lovely Android phone) and are not that amused about the new Google+-ish design:

Give NewsBlur a try. This Open Source software project isn't that new anymore but still very actively being developed. It features a very nice and slick web-based UI which - now comes the best part - offers a kind of learning feature based on tags and your given likes/dislikes. With that you can filter out stuff content you don't like (*couch* Apple *couch*) and highlight stuff you really care about.

NewsBlur comes in different flavors: A hosted edition which is limited to 64 feeds (too little for me news junkie) or you can host NewsBlur yourself you some Linux near you.

A techie-plus is the open webservice API which can be used to develop own clients for NewsBlur content (see Blar for a first Android client).

Thumbs up for this project!