Montag, 18. Juli 2011

WhisperCore and LBE Privacy Guard for Android

You already got an Android smartphone but there are still news popping up about malicious applications hitting the Android Market?

Then it's time to root your phone. Seriously.

"Why should I?" you might ask now? Well, there are two good reasons:

LBE Privacy Guard ( and WhisperCore (,

both free for private usage.

While the first one can be installed on (any?) rooted device and intercepts certain information such as getting your IMEI number, access to your call logs, contacts and such by applications you already installed, the second one (WhisperCore) is an entire custom ROM which even encrypts all your data and brings security to the foreground. WhisperCore is in early beta phase (that is, unfinished!) right now -- anyway, looks very promising to me.

Think of LBE Privacy Guard as some kind of desktop firewall where you can grant or deny rights for your installed applications. If you don't want to let application X to go to the internet, just deny it -- LBE simply will ask you.

Give these both tools a try, it's worth it!

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