Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Wordpress without database / MySQL - The definitive guide

Woah, what a title -- "definitive guide". Sounds like a 800-page book with years of experience. Actually, this isn't the case here.

I'm a pretty newbie regarding Wordpress and just wanted to install this wonderful piece of software on a kind of limited webspace (that is, MySQL is a no-no).

So what do we need to setup Wordpress not using MySQL? Right, we need SQLite. This keep the entire database into a single file and does not need a MySQL server running on your hosted environment.

This is the recipe:

Download Wordpress itself:
Download the PDO plugin for Wordpress:

To set Wordpress up and running with SQLite (actually there PDO plugin) there are a few things to note which other people already figured out.

So go to in order to get the basic stuff done on your fancy web space.

But wait: You did encounter some errors when starting the actual installation process, even when closely following the nice blog post above, did you?

To keep things short:

- Go to and patch the file according to the article.
- Make sure you enabled write access (group, others, 666 in octal) for the files "wp-admin/includes/schema.php" and "wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php".

In case you got another permission errors or errors about "put_contents" you need to make sure read/write/execute permissions are set correctly.

Tested with Wordpress 3.2.1 and PDO (SQLite) Plugin 2.7.0.

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