Montag, 7. November 2011

Tired of Google Reader's new design? Try this!

For those of you who are using Google Reader (a web-based RSS-reader with synchronization for your lovely Android phone) and are not that amused about the new Google+-ish design:

Give NewsBlur a try. This Open Source software project isn't that new anymore but still very actively being developed. It features a very nice and slick web-based UI which - now comes the best part - offers a kind of learning feature based on tags and your given likes/dislikes. With that you can filter out stuff content you don't like (*couch* Apple *couch*) and highlight stuff you really care about.

NewsBlur comes in different flavors: A hosted edition which is limited to 64 feeds (too little for me news junkie) or you can host NewsBlur yourself you some Linux near you.

A techie-plus is the open webservice API which can be used to develop own clients for NewsBlur content (see Blar for a first Android client).

Thumbs up for this project!

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